Kajabi Sales and Forms to ConvertKit

¿Would you like to have Kajabi Sales and Forms integrated into ConvertKit in an easy and quick way keeping all the sales and opt-ins information?

Automate! We can take care of that for you.

Don't look any further, this is what you are looking for and has been created to make your life and product promotions easier.

With this integration all your sales done in New Kajabi will get automatically added to ConvertKit with all the information and properly tagged with the tags you want.

This will help you to segment and categorize your clients.

Avoid sending massive emails with general content. Now, you'll be able to send concrete information to the right target being more efficient and effective.

How the pricing works?

We will be hosting and maintaining the infrastructure to make it happen that is why there is an annual charge.

There are 3 product types based in the amount of Kajabi Offers that you want to configure:

  • Up to 10 Kajabi Offers or Forms
  • Up to 20 Kajabi Offers or Forms
  • Up to 30 Kajabi Offers or Forms
  • For more than 30, please contact us using the Contact link on the footer of this page

What if during that year you need more offers or forms? Don't worry, just email us and we will provide you with the upgrading options.


Pricing Options