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Questions or Problems with New Kajabi? I'm Here to Help

I am Adria Jimenez, the founder of Kajabi Experts. I am a software engineer and designer with several years of experience building websites and mobile applications, and I've been using New Kajabi since the beta release.

I am not a basic Kajabi user; I've learnt the inner stuff of New Kajabi, built several themes, created multiple integrations, and I've dealt with dozens of different setups for different clients that use New Kajabi today.

I built Kajabi Experts to let others benefit from my expertise, and I try to help as much as I can for free. However, some topics may require an additional time of research, work or that needs a deeper understanding of the idea or project behind.

What includes "Ask Me Anything"?

Once you buy the "Ask Me Anything" packages you'll have to possibility to ask me anything about your Kajabi, this can include things like:

  • I have my X site that is hosted in Y and I want just to use Kajabi, how can I do A and should I do B?
  • I want to connect X with my Kajabi platform, is there a way to do that automatically?
  • Can I do X with Kajabi or should I also get Y?
  • How can I make my theme do X?
  • Etc...

A maximum of 3 questions can be asked per purchase.
Questions will be answered in the best way being as helpful as possible.

What isn't "Ask Me Anything" for?

"Ask Me Anything" is just meant to help and provide answers to questions, not to do actual work. Therefore, any service done to your site is not included. If you are looking for a particular service done on your site, please contact Kajabi Experts.

Any particular question that would involve an immense effort would not be answered.

Final Note

I am not God so I do not know everything. Usually, I can answer 95% of the questions but it can happen that I cannot explain something if that is the case I will try to help you referring you to someone else or somewhere else.

Please play fair, this is a way of getting a bit of money for all the hours I spend helping others. I am helping you to create and grow your business so at the end my help will help you win more money or get more clients.
If you want to trick me, "Ask Me Anything" is not for you.


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